What happens when even a simple decision requires you to fight? What prevents you from pursuing what you desire?

Made for Alakajam 6 and ExtraCredits Jam.

AuthorSnow Fox
GenreRole Playing, Fighting
Made withUnity


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Really like the concept. I would love to see if one day, outside of the game jam it gets developed into a bigger game.

Thanks for playing! I’m glad you enjoyed! I have some ideas on expansion that I hope to implement soon!

I like the concept, taking the JRPG/Pokemon turn-based combat and using it to fight inner-demons is certainly one that I can see having room to be fleshed out. Unfortunately what let's this game down at the moment is balance. You may have heard of "Action Economy" in the context of tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons but it applies here. We have 1 character who can make one action per turn, the enemy has 2 actions per turn as there are two characters. Every two or three turns the player MUST recharge their Will Points, reducing their potential attacks to a maximum of one per 2 turns (attack costs 3 but recharge only charges 5). This is in massive contrast to the enemies who have 2 attacks per turn, every turn, and can deal massive damage (52 in first turn in one case for me). After a couple of tries I used the defense option two or three times in a row and managed to eliminate one enemy, however by giving the enemies so much more health (70 + 55 vs our 100) and so many more actions per turn it makes it extremely difficult to even have a chance of winning. The theme makes me think this could be deliberate but I'm left feeling unsure.


Hi! Thanks for playing! I’m a DnD guy myself and am familiar with “Action Economy”. But it wasn’t on my mind when I made this, so I agree that the balance is very, very off.

This was intentional...at first. This fight was supposed to be a failure and was actually far more unbalanced than what it is now. I had plans to make a few smaller fights after to have the player gain health and earn new powers.

I’m not sure if that would have helped the balance all that much, but it got set aside due to time :(.

So I tried to make it at least somewhat feasible to win,  still not taking “ActionEconomy” into consideration. 

Thanks again for playing! I really appreciate the advice and criticism!