How to Play: Left and Right Arrows to move. Space to interact or jump. 

The day after Lunar New Year, our twelve animal deities have been captured and locked up in some kind of dungeon. 

Mouse may be the smallest of the twelve, but he was the first to win the race all those years ago. He must find his friends and get out of the dungeon.

3 different endings.


Level 1

When you leave the first room, continue walking until you see a floating platform. Climb as high as you can and start jumping on platforms on your right. (Some of the jumps might be difficult but they are entirely possible.) Continue to the right until you find a room with a Key.

Take the key to the right on the top platform with the Door. Take Monkey with you and go down. Find the pathway on the far left and continue down until you find Ox. Use monkey on the cage door to untie the knots. You will receive Ox.

On the right, across from Ox's cage, you will pass the level door. Continue right and use Ox on the Black Crate. Go into the room and grab the Metal Key. Use Metal Key on door you passed earlier.

Level 2

Travel downward to reach the bottom floor where Dog is tied. Talk to Dog and get him to come with you. 

Now travel upward to the top level. When you see a door on your left, take the top right path until you find Ram. Use Dog to annoy Ram to come with you.

Find pig on the second lowest floor, towards the right end. Use Ram to free Pig from the door. Go and speak with Horse to receive a Wine Jar.

Find snake on the floor above on the right side. Give Snake the Wine Jar so that he throws up a Cell Key. 

Go back to the top floor and unlock the door on the left. Talk to Rooster and take the fish.

Take the Fish to Tiger on the middle floor. Tiger will come with you.

Use Tiger to cut Rabbit down. Rabbit will give you a key to the Main Door.

Find the Main Door on the floor below and enter.

Level 3

Getting a Bad Ending will not reset the game. Instead, getting a Bad Ending will transport you back to Level 3 to try again.

Bad End 1: Let the time run out.

Bad End 2: Get to the top, but escape through the right side passage.

True End:  Get to the top and take the Left Overpass.



All art taken from

Cat Sprite: Flofflewoffle

Animal Sprites: 

AntumDeluge :

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) version 3.0 or later Copyright © 2017-2018 Kimmo Rundelin

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Snake by basxto and yolkati

"Eastern Dragon Pup" by Molly "Cougarmint" Willits

dog running <http:"" content="" dog-running=""> by benalene <http:"" users="" benalene=""> | border, stand and pee frames added by qubodup <http:"" users="" qubodup=""> | license CCBY3 <http:"" licenses="" by="" 3.0=""></http:></http:></http:></http:>

Rabbit by felinoid


Dragon backdrop : 5hiroi


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Very cool and poetic man 

Thank you for playing! I’m glad you enjoyed the story!


Is the jump height random?

(1 edit)

I think there is a bug related to the jump height. The mouse jumps higher when NOT playing in fullscreen !

Huh 0.0. That’s an odd glitch. 

I’ve never played around with Full Screen mode, so I had no idea that it would change the physics of the jump. I’ll have to try that when I get home and see what happened.

Jump height is not random, though I understand why it might seem that way. I was having trouble with the Physics System as I was experimenting with Variant Height. Because of that some jumps stop short of maximum height. I wanted to tweak it but I was running out of time. 

Hope it wasn’t too jarring !