Trying to be too clever

Making "Point of No Returns" was an interesting experience. For the most part, I got to practice with UI elements and more button scripting that I've never done before.

I fell that I got caught up in my attempt to be clever. This jam entry theme was "Point of No Return". Now, I could think of several ideas that could fit that theme, but I wanted to twist the theme on its head.

The solution? Create a game where you have to deny product returns at a store!... Okay, so not the most glamorous of ideas, but I thought it would be funny.

I was inspired by the game "Papers Please" and if you play it, you might be able to see some element of that game in my own.

However, this project is no where near the level of complete that I really wanted it to be. I managed my time poorly, but I'm happy to have at least submitted something.

If you are reading this, thank you for your interest in my games. I hope to produce something far greater in the future.


Point of No Return Play in browser
Mar 10, 2019

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